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Guide on How to Earn $500 per month As Amazon Affiliate

A guide on how to earn $300 to$500 per month with Amazon
I belong to lots of internet forums, with lots of ways to earn online, but here? Well, for my fellow bloggers, i want to share a working method that will put constant money into your bank account.
Making money with amazon is all about traffic, you can follow my guide below.
1. Find buying keyword(s) or purchase one.
2. Find 5 buying keywords (or buythem for around 25 dollars)
3. Purchase the domain and hosting, then search for ‘amazon review themes’, install different themes o
n your websites.
4. Write articles or purchase them (you can buy 500 words article for $5), you can update this sites twice per week or more.
5. Insert your amazon affiliate links on your articles, and a call-to-action buttons also. Place amazon banners on different locations on your sites.
6. Now it is time for traffic- without this, your sites (no matter how beautiful they look, it could be compare to a graveyard- (offtopic- my dwellingplace)
to get traffic, you need to manually do seo, or purchase them (please not from fiverr, youcan only trust such links when trafficking your tier 2 and tier 3 sites)
7. To get traffic, you need SEO, and there are three type of seo,black, grey and white. i personallygo BLACK.
And here is my favorite quote.
““White Hats follow rules, Grey Hats bend rules, Black Hats breakrules.””
you can also monetise this sites with adsense. The internet is big enough to provide $$$ for webmasters/­bloggers.
Assuming the 5 sites earn $100 per month, (which is every possible and easy), you will be making 500bucks monthly, now all you need is to scale it up.
If you have any question, don’t hesitate to ask it here.
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